The band was founded in Kyiv in 2011. The musicians played traditional Ukrainian folk songs in modern arrangements, combined with jazz, blues and electronic music. Band members: Oksana Maslo (vocals), Dennis Kovnatsky (vocals), Oleg Savka (sax), Julia Amirova (piano), Sergii Maslo (bass guitar), Vitalii Fedorov, Vitaliia Barkar (percussion), Denis Amirov (electronic). The band existed for about 3 years and performed at a lot of concerts and festivals: “Rizdviany Tramvaj” (Kharkiv, 2013), “Trypilske Kolo” (Rzhyshchiv 2013 and 2014 ), “Art-piknik Slavy Frolovoi” (Kyiv, 2013 and 2014), “Flugery Lvova” (Lviv, 2014), “Tydzień Kultury Beskidzkiej” (Poland, 2014).